001 Preshow.jpg
004 Soldier Reveal.jpg
008b Entrance of Fosca.jpg
009 How Can I Describe.jpg
011 Castle Garden Add Clara.jpg
018 Fosca tries to Stop Giorgio 2.jpg
019a Fosca.jpg
032a Clara Sunrise.jpg
032b Clara Sunrise.jpg
033b Fosca Confronts Giorgio Bright.jpg
034 Soldiers In Void.jpg
036 Giorgio Infirmary Nightmare.jpg
037a Clara Above Soldier Below.jpg
039 Count Ludwig Dr and Giorgio.jpg
039 Dr and Giorgio in Moonlight.jpg
041 Park Near Train.jpg
046 The Duel.jpg
047 Dr Letter.jpg
048 Swirling Shadows.jpg
049 Your Love Will Live in Me.jpg
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